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We would like to welcome you to Reese Family Dentistry. We take great satisfaction in helping you maintain optimal oral health. Our dental office in Mountain Home Arkansas is devoted to comprehensive and preventive patient care. Throughout our website, you will find an abundance of information about our practice, procedures we provide like orthodontics and dentures, and dentistry in general. Please explore and learn as much about dentistry and our services as you desire. We believe our patients should have as much information as possible in order to make important, informed decisions regarding their oral health and treatment options. Our patients are our most important asset, and we strive to develop long-lasting, trusting relationships with all of our patients. Your referrals are welcome and appreciated. We look forward to seeing you!


What They Are

- Anon -
Dr. Reese and his staff are amazing! I am always greeted by name when I walk in, and I always leave knowing that I was well taken care of.
- Kathy Sue -
Always a great experience. That is why I drive for 2 1/2 hrs to go there.
- Anon -
Always have a great experience. Would not go anywhere else!
- Anon -
Reese Family Dentistry continually updates the equipment/devices used to clean, X-Ray and perform necessary procedures on my teeth. In routine exams Dr. Reese always carefully investigates any concern or pain I have. The assistants do an excellent job cleaning and X-Raying. The billing person is very experienced and submits insurance claims that are always accepted as submitted. Dr. Reese and all of his employees are so friendly and help patients feel at ease. This is a first-rate dental facility.
- Anon -
Everyone is kind, courteous and professional...excellent work.
- Joyce -
The most no-pain trip I've had to the dentist
- Cecilia -
My visit was very pleasant. Chelsea was very friendly as well as gentle, giving me several breaks because of my TMJ. She also offered suggestions for caring for a problem crown. The whole experience was very personable.
- Kathy Sue -
As always; I appreciate your team. They are always friendly, gracious and very professional. Thanks for being my provider.
- Jay -
It was a great experience. The thought of going to the dentist is almost as terrifying as skydiving to me. But after meeting the staff and knowing how they calm you and treat you my fears were gone. I will actually look forward to seeing them again.
- Pamela -
Had a wonderful, relaxing cleaning with Terri! Thanks so much!
- Ken -
Most pleasant and professional as always.
- Ken -
As always, a very pleasant experience, except of course, you have to have your teeth worked on.LOL!!!
- Mary Margaret -
Always a pleasure!
- Anon -
Everyone is so nice.
- James -
Not just the best in Baxter County, the best in the state and possibly the country. What makes it so great? It is the only dental chair I have been in that massages your back while a drill, or shot, is happening in your mouth. Somehow your brain can feel no pain when that happens. Worst part to the whole experience....trying to laugh during a conversation with Dr. Reese and his assistant while,yep, he has that drill in your mouth. Great care, compassion, professionalism and follow up. I don't want to be back, but I will.
- Tammy -
Love my dental tech, she is so gentle and caring!
- Robert -
At every step Dr. Reese explained what he was doing and what to expect. He made me feel at ease and very comfortable.
- Ramona -
I have been a patient of Dr. Reese for 10 years. His staff is wonderful and the level of service fantastic.
- Fred -
I am very pleased with my visit
- Alfred -
My experience with the staff and Dr. Reese was excellent. Have not had this experience in a long time.
- Jennifer -
They are always so accommodating and nice. Love it here.
- Mark -
3.5 hours in the chair, absolutely no complaints. You're in good hands with Dr Reese
- Anon -
I absolutely adore Dr. Reese and the staff!
- Anon -
Always the best!!
- Suzanne -
Thank you to Susan, Teri, Debbie, and Dr. Reese for your excellent professionalism and caring!
- Edwin -
Great service
- Dwayne -
- Callie -
- Lauren -
- Anon -
The personnel are always happy, cheerful and welcoming. The hygienist is pleasant and professional. And how can you not like Dr Reese with his outgoing and friendly personality? I feel that they have my best interest at heart.
- Jan -
I am always very comfortable and so glad to come home with smooth power washed pearly whites:)
- Edward -
Great! thanks. Ed
- Charles -
Lost two fillings. Choice was root canal and crown or remove tooth and install a bridge. I choice the bridge. Absolute lowest pain I have ever had at any dentist visit. Prepped two teeth, removed on tooth, installed temp bridge. All this was done in about two hours yesterday and as of now I have not needed any pain meds.
- Tammy -
Love this office, everyone there exceeded my expectations. I will definitely recommend to other people!
- Sheila -
- James -
Chelsea was very polite and informative during my treatment. Always a good experience at Dr. Reese's.
- Barbara -
As usual, visit was pain free and Jackie was thorough and gentle. These people are professionals and really know their business. I am totally pleased with the efficient care I get at Reese Dentistry.
- Anon -
Everyone was very friendly and made me feel comfortable.
- Gary -
Excellent and friendly as always.
- Anon -
It was great! The staff was very friendly, the rooms were huge, and if you are afraid of needles they offer various ways of relief. No pain what so ever during my cleaning and my fillings. The best visit ever.-H
- Richard -
Could not have been more pleasant or better. Especially the warm, welcoming attitude of staff and Doctor!!
- Anon -
We love Dr. Reese and his staff. Top notch care!
- John -
Dr. Reese is the best dentist and worst shot in town. I always enjoy going there because the women in his office just can't keep their hands off me. I guess it's by boyish good looks or else it's because I pay my bill on time. Sometimes I blush when they tell me dirty jokes....but it's all in fun. I recommend Dr. Reese to anyone with dental problems and highly recommend all the staff's dirty jokes.
- Myrta -
It was great. Terry does an excellent job.
- Debbie -
Awesome cleaning by Chelsea!
- Anon -
Happy with the experience
- Eric Sparks -
I can hardly wait for my every 6 month cleaning etc. Terri is the absolute best hygienist in the whole world! It is always so peaceful when I go! I wish I could do it every month!
- Jailva -
The best dental care in north central Arkansas!
- Terry -
My experience with Reese Family Dentistry was amazing. I have seen such a professional group and at the same time very friendly. I had a root canal yesterday. I had images of such a nightmare during and after it was over. I didn't even have to take a pain pill. I could tell by the conversation to me and between the doctor and his assistant that they were extremely meticulous. It really mattered to him that it was PERFECTLY done. How caring and knowledgeable they are. I just can't say enough good things about this dentist and his group.
- Anon -
The dental procedure I had done was a difficult one, for Dr. Reese, his assistant, Debra, and for me. But they made it as comfortable as possible, and after 2 hours of work I was able to leave the building still numbed, but able to go out and eat lunch. How great is that? I adore these folks!
We Are Proud To Have Been Voted BEST OF THE TWIN LAKES Five Years In A Row
The Baxter Bulletin Best of the Twin Lakes 2011
The Baxter Bulletin Best of the Twin Lakes 2012
The Baxter Bulletin Best of the Twin Lakes 2013
The Baxter Bulletin Best of the Twin Lakes 2014
The Baxter Bulletin Best of the Twin Lakes 2015