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We would like to welcome you to Reese Family Dentistry. We take great satisfaction in helping you maintain optimal oral health. Our dental office in Mountain Home Arkansas is devoted to comprehensive and preventive patient care. Throughout our website, you will find an abundance of information about our practice, procedures we provide like orthodontics and dentures, and dentistry in general. Please explore and learn as much about dentistry and our services as you desire. We believe our patients should have as much information as possible in order to make important, informed decisions regarding their oral health and treatment options. Our patients are our most important asset, and we strive to develop long-lasting, trusting relationships with all of our patients. Your referrals are welcome and appreciated. We look forward to seeing you!


What They Are

- Tracie -
Everyone is very nice and informative on questions that my husband or I have about our dental hygiene. We are always able to schedule morning appointments that work out perfect for us!!GREAT TEAM WORK!!!!!
- Judith -
Always an allover excellent appointment
- Anon -
I absolutely adore Dr. Reese and the staff!
- Anon -
Wonderful, polite, and kind staff! Whether it's the receptionist, hygienist, or Dr. Reese himself, making sure that the patient is comfortable, happy, and walks out of their appointment feeling leagues better than upon arrival, is an collective effort and art that they have mastered. Can't recommend enough! Best Regards, J.V.
- Herman -
Great visit as usual.
- Robert -
Nobody likes to go to the dentist, but we all must keep up our dental health. The best place I've found is Reese Family Dentistry. The experience is a good one. You're treated with respect and they are honest. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
- Lauren -
He can pull my tooth anytime. :) Thanks Dr Reese!
- Anon -
- Terry -
My dental hygienist was wonderful. Her name is Terri and she was so friendly, personable, and professional, as well. Shew as very careful of my personal situation, like having to clean my teeth by hand, rather than using the machine and dealing with my huge tori when taking X-Rays. She made conversation but not too much - just right. I couldn't have had a better experience. I hope that I get her next time.
- Carolyn -
Always wonderful always kept informed on what they were doing to me
- Patricia -
Good. Friendly and efficient.
- Courtney -
Great friendly staff
- Donna -
Great Service! Wonderful Staff! I referred all of my Arkansas family to Reese Family Dentistry and they are all as pleased as my husband and I. Thank you all!
- Anon -
Always professional, friendly and helpful!
- Paula -
Had a molar removed. The surface anesthetic worked well- I barely felt the shots to numb the area. Dr. Reese and staff were wonderful. They made sure I knew what to expect and how to care for the area. Although not a "pleasant" experience, it was much less painful than I expected.
- Anon -
As always the service was excellent. The team that care for my teeth are super friendly and the process was pain free.
- Sharen -
I always have a great experience at Dr. Reese's office. Appointment times are on time and the office staff are friendly and professional.
- Donald -
Friendly and professional services on every visit.
- Julie -
Root canals are never fun and this one was no exception. I am grateful that Dr. Reese was able to get me in quickly and fix my tooth. I am able to eat without any trouble and am pain free!
- Sandra -
Terry is a delight, personable and extremely knowledgeable hygenist. I always feel confident and cared for by her.
- Anon -
As always a very pleasant experience whether a cleaning or major dental work! Very dedicated people for quality service. Years ago Dr. Reese saved a bridge for me that I'm sure many others would have cut off and charged me for a new one. I've had a lot of experience with dentists, Reese Family Dentistry is second to none! Cleanings, quality dental work, braces, dentures, they do it all!
- Nicole -
Perfect, as always! I love the staff at Reese Family Dentistry! They are always happy and cheerful.
- Catherine -
Love you guys! Always a friendly greeting and excellent care.
- Anon -
Friendly, caring and experienced!
- Barbara -
I believe I am getting the best care available! Would'nt go anywhere else!
- Herman -
It's always a pleasure to see Dr. Reese and his staff.
- Mary -
As usual good service and wonderful treatment
- Patricia -
Pleasant hygienist. Good job. Careful. Didn't feel like was "drowning". I hate going to the dentist but this was a good experience. Fraidy Cat
- George -
- John -
Hmmmmmm, Where shall I begin? Oh yes, the complimentary drinks as you walk in the front door served by hotties in bunny outfits to deaden any pain later. I always stop for at least ten double scotches with a buddy of mine named Ralph. Next stop is the reception desk where all the girls fawn over me which brings all the other girls out from their duties to hear my latest jokes. Actually, this is the finest dentist in the state in my opinion and he has the ability of giving a novicane shot so you don't feel it. An added plus after ten shots of scotch.
- Alan -
Everyone there are both friendly and professional. First time in my life that I've enjoyed going to the dentist
- James -
I was brought back quickly and everyone was very nice all the way through. No pain at all.
- Fred -
Had my teeth cleaned and it was normal!
- Todd -
I am giving 5 *'s for my experience with Reese Family Dental. In my 50+ years of working with Dentist, I have never felt so comfortable and painless. How odd; not feeling some sort of pain in a Dentist chair. It's a profession that pain is part of the package. At Reese Family Dental, the staff found a way to make my experience painless, which I fully expected to have some. It was an great experience and one I will not forget. Reese Family Dental earns a worthy 5*'s
- Janice -
I always look forward to seeing your friendly people again. They put me at ease and amuse me with funny comments. I always come away feeling better than I did going in. It always a good experience I can rely on.
- Lauren -
Awesome as always, and, on a good note, something was missing! ;)
- Anon -
I always have a positive experience with Reese Family dentistry! I never have to wait over 5 minutes. The staff is professional, friendly and very upbeat! I would not hesitate to recommend Reese Dentistry to others.
- Brenda -
Its a wonderful place. Very caring staff. Would recommend them highly.
- Sean -
Doc Reese was personable and explained everything...And he wasn't in a hurry like he was trying to get me out quick so he could move onto the next person...
- Anon -
We love Dr. Reese and his staff. Top notch care!
- Jack -
varyprofesher no complanants
- Anon -
Friendly, professional and caring. Dental appointments you don't mind keeping.
- Jay -
Great Staff!
- Barbara -
Excellent service by Dr. Reese and his entire staff!
- Karen -
I was very pleased with the steps taken by the hygienist to ensure I was comfortable throughout the cleaning process.
- Barbara -
No waiting and no pain....considerate and professional attendance to my needs.
- Caryl -
Quick&thorough! Very friendly!
- Libby -
Everyone there is always so nice to me.
- Katherine -
- Anon -
Very informative staff and excellent service!
We Are Proud To Have Been Voted BEST OF THE TWIN LAKES Five Years In A Row
The Baxter Bulletin Best of the Twin Lakes 2011
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The Baxter Bulletin Best of the Twin Lakes 2013
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The Baxter Bulletin Best of the Twin Lakes 2015