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- Rhonda -
Very good service.
- Suzanne -
I lost one of my crowns while eating dinner on Tuesday evening, managed to get in contact with my terrific hygienist, Terri, and was assured I could get an appointment the following day. I called your office at 8 to see if I could get in to have Dr. Reece check the crown I had lost the previous night. I was told to come in at 9:30. I arrived early and was taken in even before 9:30. Susan took an X-ray and checked my tooth before Dr. Reese came in to replace my crown. I was on my way by 10:30 and very appreciative of the professional and capable treatment I always receive at Reese Family Dentistry! Thank you!
- Anon -
Fantastic as always. Fast and efficient.
- John -
Great x-ray and cleaning! Everything was great.
- Salenia -
The did a great job and have an awesome staff.
- Mark -
Awesome and caring as always
- Mary Margaret -
All great - very pleased!!
- Scott -
The experience was fantastic. Professional and friendly treatment at every instance of the visit.
- Rachel -
The office staff was very pleasant & efficient. Dr. Reese was very gentle & concerned with my pain. He made sure I had no discomfort during the procedure. He did a fantastic job as I had very little soreness the next day.
- Alan -
Everything was excellent
- Gary -
Excellent as always, thanks. Gary
- Sharon -
I have a fear of the dentist office since a traumatic experience at 7/8 years old. So, I must say Dr. Reese and staff have been wonderful thus far. Thank you for taking time and showing you care!! I can't say I look forward to the visits but maybe I can face them easier with your caring staff!!!
- Peggy -
great staff and right on time.
- Jason -
Wonderful experience! Everyone in the office is such a pleasure to be around. Dentist appointments aren't something I generally look forward to, but I do enjoy the company while I'm there. Thanks!
- Suzanne -
Terri Mullen is an excellent dental hygienist and makes getting my teeth cleaned a pleasant experience!
- Anon -
My son said Dr. Reese is the best dentist ever.
- Peggy -
Excellent staff and very good office.
- Caryl -
Friendly office. I did get changed to new hygienist again though.
- Robert -
My experience was very pleasant. The hygienist was friendly and very informative by explaining ways to improve my dental hygiene between visits. I highly recommend Reese Family Dentistry.
- Trudy -
I used hate to go to the dentist but I found Reese Family, it is pleasant, they are very professional, and I have had no discomfort when I have gone. I go every 3 months for cleaning.
- Judith -
On time, courteous and very professional
- Peggy -
Everyone really looked after me and may have spotted a problem at a very early stage. Good eyes thank you for looking after me.
- David -
Teeth were cleaned and all my questions were answered politely.
- James -
I am spoiled by the staff at Reese Family Dentistry. From the minute you walk in and are greeted by the receptionist, until the the time Dr. Reese bids you farewell and you check out with the ladies at the check out desk, every single person there has one thing that is most important....You and your dental health. It feels like your part of a family and your treated as such. If there is one think I was disappointed in, it was that I really wanted one of those chairs that vibrate your lumbar area while I had my teeth clean. I know they are over in the "work area", but we really need them in the dental hygeine area as well. Oh well, I'll be back in 6 months, maybe they will have one for me then.
- Shirley -
Excellent staff. Dr. Reese is very caring. He is very gentle. The best experience I have ever had with a dentist and staff.
- Sondra -
I would recommend Reese Dentistry to anyone in a heartbeat! The friendliest staff, the most comforting experience you could ever anticipate being in a dentist chair (the chairs even massage!!) Dr. Reese is very congenial and provides the most professional care ever. On a scale of 1-10, I'd have to rate them a 12. Don't hesitate to give them your business. Best service EVER!!
- Donna -
As one who does not like going to dentist, my visit was excellent. Everyone explained what they were doing. I will recommend Reese's to everyone.
- Donna -
Everyone is friendly and makes me feel welcomed. Staff is very knowledgable about their job.
- Julie -
Great visit! Terri was great as usual!
- James -
Everyone is very professional and makes you feel welcome. The quality of service is the best and you know that it has been done right. Very pleased with my dental care.
- Faith -
Everyone is always so helpful and knowledgeable at the office! Chelsea is a great hygenist, Dr Reese is very good to answer the simplest questions I have! It's a pleasure to have appointments here!!!
- Deborah -
I came to the office apprehensive of what procedure was to be done and what would be done. The Dental Asst. Debbie was very kind describing everything and making me feel comfortable. She took her time to explain everything to me and passed the info to the doctor so he would know my concerns.Dr. Reese took the time to talk with me and to make sure that I was comfortable and not hurting. I appreciated the time and care that was given to me at the time of my appointment.
- Michael -
- Deborah -
Dr. Reese is an experienced, caring dentist with an excellent staff. They do everything they can to make you comfortable, and I have been very happy with all the work done on me.
- Gary -
Excellent hygiene service but will continue to complain about cost which has increased 10% since my last complaint. Does everything need to increase in cost?
- Joan -
Everyone is very nice and make for a pain free experience
- Debbie -
Chelsea did a great job cleaning my teeth, as always!
- Belinda -
Everyone was pleasant as usual and I feel they do a professional job.
- Fred -
Excellent service
- Anon -
Pleasant and efficient staff
- Lisa -
They cater to cowards like me. Thank you Dr. Reese and Staff.
- David -
Terri is always a pleasure.
- Faith -
The crew and Dr Reese are great!!!!
- Sharen -
On time, caring and professional as always.
- Julie -
great care
- Pamela -
Great, as always!
- Stephanie -
Everyone was wonderful! Judy, Terri, and Chelsea are the bomb and are exceptional with my kiddos! My kids love going to the dentist and beg to go back!
- Robbyn -
I have always found Dr. Reese's office and staff to be uplifting and supportive. I think I could go there on a day I'm depressed and leave feeling great!! So strange to say that about a DENTIST's office!! The work I get done relieves my dental issues and brightens my smile inside and out. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I've even got two of my married children going there with their families.
- Sharon (Lynn) -
I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Reese and all his staff. They are very professional and always informative about my dental care. Thank you so much!
- Judith -
Front filling-always scary for me. Dr. Reese was thoughtful as was his assistant in the care and cocern for my comfort.
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